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When it comes to skin, LESS IS MORE.

The vision of natural beauty is how it all started; and what we expect SYS Skin is for you. Simplicity, pureness, naturalness and love, are what it takes to treat our skin. #SkinMinimalism is what we stand for. After all, taking good care of our skin is a long-term investment of time and effort.

We believe that our skin deserves a natural and honest touch to shine with confidence. Having that kept in mind, we insist on selecting clean and naturally preserved ingredients, such as Hyriopsis pearls, locally farmed milkfish scales, natural molecular weight peptides, etc., and turn them into incredibly effective skincare products. We believe that our skin deserves a natural and honest touch to shine with confidence again.

SYS Skin is built upon the value of sustainability. Our entire product line is created with a minimum of artificial ingredients and environmental pollution: from the packaging to the product itself, the whole deal. We want to explore a new definition of skincare with you, where extra makeup is no longer needed. Let our skin breathe again, feel the #SkinNudism like it’s supposed to be.

Share Beauty, Share Love

“Taking from nature, we give back to nature”. SYS Skin is presenting our new collection - Share Love. By partnering up with brands from different fields, we are creating a community to show our support in the exchange of environmental information and environmental trust, proudly donating all profits from Share Love Collection to Taiwan Environmental Information Association (TEIA).

We are inviting brands, companies, partners and all of you, to become advocates for sustainability like us, and expect ourselves to make the most out of our influence to take care of the nature that we love. We look forward to open more discussions among feminism and animal rights in the near future, to paint a bigger picture of “Share beauty, share love.” Join us and share your love for nature, environment, and skincare.

Serena first stepped her foot into skincare when she was 21, and founded SYS Skin with her years of experience being a consumer herself. “I wanted to show people how to take care of our skin effectively in the right way, and this is how SYS Skin was created,” said Serena. “I hope everyone can find the skincare products that suit them the best, instead of falling into the marketing traps made by big brands. The most important is first to know our skin well enough, and make the best choice with ingredients when it comes to skincare.” For Serena, the products that claim to be natural should help improve our skin problems, and not causing allergic reactions is a must but not a plus. Whether a skincare product can actually help boost the skin is what she cares about the most.
- Serena, founder of SYS Skin.

When it comes to skin, LESS IS MORE.