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    - Please read the shopping instructions carefully before purchasing

    - Please fill in the full Chinese name in the receiving information in Taiwan. If you cannot receive the package due to incorrect information after shipment, you will need to wait for the return of products until they are resent. SYS Skin will charge an additional fee for resending.

    - If you choose to pay by wire transfer, please complete the wire within 24 hours and provide the last five digits or receipt of the wire in our order confirmation. If the payment is not completed within 24 hours after the order is made, the system will automatically cancel the order

    - Coupons cannot be converted into cash


    Shipping method and delivery fee

    - Delivery fee will be collected at the time of order payment

    - In stock goods will be shipped 2-3 working days after the order is confirmed, and the shipping number will be displayed in your account to track your shipping status

    - For pre-ordered products, please refer to the estimated shipping date stated on the product page or announcement

    - If the order contains pre-ordered goods, all goods will be sent all together once they are ready

    - Taiwan | Products are delivered to home or for pick up at 7-11. Regardless of the number of items, mainland Taiwan’s delivery fee will be charged at NT$100, the for other islands, delivery fee will be charged at NT$280 / 7-11’s delivery fee will be charged at NT$80

    - Overseas regions | At the moment, overseas delivery regions include Macau, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, the United States, Canada and Australia. The delivery fee is based on the amount displayed in the system when the order is placed

    - Please confirm whether the order information is filled in correctly. If the delivery fails due to the incomplete or incorrect filling of delivery information, the buyer will be responsible for the cost of re-delivery


    Returns and Exchanges (Taiwan only)

    - The seven-day cooling off period is not a free trial period. Please keep the package intact and no signs of use. If the package is damaged or appears with signs of use, returns and exchanges cannot be accepted.

    - Discounted products are not allowed for returns and exchanges, please read the shopping instructions and product descriptions before purchasingbr />
    - If the product does not match the description ordered by the consumer, the quality is defective, or the product is damaged in transit (collectively referred to as a defective product), SYS Skin will assist in replacing the same product (other products are not accepted)

    - In order to protect the rights and interests of both parties, please make sure to record the order condition when unpacking (keeping the photo/video clear without fast forwarding or editing), and keep the shipping order receipt. If the above information is not provided, returns and exchanges will not be accepted.

    - If there is a defect in the product, please take a photo of the defect and return it to our customer service address. If you have any questions about the order, please contact customer service support@sysskin.com within seven days, it will not be accepted after that. If you return the product without previously stated information, SYS Skin will not accept it and send it back to your original address.

    - Please return in its original packaging and shipping receipt. If the package is not returned in previously stated packaging,SYS Skin will not accept it and send it back to your original address.

    - For non-defective returns, your future transactions will be restricted (with a limitation period is one year), please consider before placing an order

    - Shipping costs for the return and exchange of defective products are handled by SYS Skin. If the buyer has to return or exchange the product for other reasons, the return shipping fee shall be handled by the buyer

    - Please keep the product and packaging intact when returning or replacing defective products. If any packaging is missing, SYS Skin has the right to refuse the return or replacement of the product

    - If the original order does not meet the promotional/event threshold due to a non-defective return, the buyer will need to provide the original order shipping fee, the discounted difference of other products in the original order, and the return of related promotional gifts. If the gift is not brand new and used after opening, no returns or exchanges will be accepted

    - In the event that the original order does not reach the promotional/event threshold due to defective returns or out of stock, SYS Skin will not deduct free shipping or discounts; for out-of-stock merchandise return, you can choose to receive store credits or wire transfer

    - After the payment is completed, the order cannot be cancelled except for defective products. Please reconfirm the ordered products and read the purchase instructions before checkout.


    Membership Policy

    - Membership upgrading calculation: Total spend within a year. If membership upgrading is qualified, it will be updated and implemented next day.

    - Renewal calculation: Total spend within a year. If renewal calculation is qualified, it will be updated and implemented after expired date.

    - Only the purchase amount of the products will be calculated to the total spend of the membership, the shipping fee is not counted. The order status must be “Not Cancelled” and the payment status is “Paid”.

    - Please note the member profile on member center must be correctly filled out, in order to receive the benefits of our membership.

    - Please note that total spend cannot be accumulated if the enrolled email is different.

    - SYS Skin reserves the right to explain, modify, adjust, and terminate all the terms and conditions of the membership program without further notices.


    Birthday Credits Policy

    - The Birthday Credits will be automatically added at midnight on your birthday.

    - The Birthday Credits can only be used online at sysskin.com, cannot be redeemed for any gifts and cash.

    - The validity of the Birthday Credits is 30 days and cannot be extended.

    - If the purchase is refunded, only the valid Credits will be returned, the unused amount will not be reissued again.

    - The Birthday Credits are not eligible for the member who joins or upgrades membership on birthday. (e.g.: The customer’s birthday is 07/07 and joins the membership on 2022/07/07, the Birthday Credits will be received on 2023/07/07.)

    - Please not the member profile must be correctly filled out, in order to receive the benefits of our membership.


    Consumption Accumulation Policy

    - Get 1 point from NT$1, accumulating 100 points to get NT$1 discount.

    - The maximum discount for each level of consumption is 15% of the amount of each order. (e.g.: Total spend NT$3,600 per order and the maximum discount is NT$540.)